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Please contact Austin Parham if you have someone that should be on our Prayers and Thoughts list.  

Contact Austin Parham

(931) 249-9313

Chaplain's Corner


Calvin Stokes: is out and about, but very cautiously.  Continue the prayers for Calvin.
Guy Radcliff: (Brother to Frances Mays) The prostate surgery on the 14th took 4 hours due to complications. They now await test results.
Tony & Beverly Tanner:  Beverly's cardiac tests came back "no blockages". Still awaiting results on Tony's stress test.
Tink Leighton: Tink went home from the hospital December 6th, They had to do more than they thought. L1 & L5 with a rod & cage in his spine and unpinch 8 nerves. Keep him in your prayers.  Tink is still improving.
Jim Brown: Jim's kidneys have completely failed...we anticipate that he is on dialysis...was still in hospital in Pa. last word we received

Larry Appleton: is home and is in home therapy.  Larry is hopeful that he regains complete use of his legs. Continue the prayers.

Elmer Richardson: As a long recovery yet, but was seen at church January 28th walking only with a cane.
John Shores:  His health is continuing to fail.....He is not able to walk and is "bedfast" currently.
Richard Stone: Father of Yvonne Jones needs your prayers.

Barbara Hambly: She continues to improve, still on oxygen and continue with the prayers.


We have several that we would like to keep on our prayer lists:   Joe Emery, Maxine Felts, Howard & Patty Smith, Chuck Ferrell, Bill & Freda Sizemore, Larry Appleton, Bill Baggett, Glen Ezell, and Sue Proctor.


Please remember all the soldiers in your prayers and pray they return home soon.


Contact Austin's Email >>>>>>>


Updated February 17,  2018


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Adrian Butts

Billy & Dorothy Hodges

Tom Tomlinson

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